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they do. now house speaker john boehner says president obama is out to annihilate the republican party. we'll talk about all that with new hampshire senator kelly ayotte and our political panel in just a few moments. >> also, big time golfers phil mickelson, tiger woods, lebron james and derek jeter are all supply siders. we'll explain that later this hour. >> i wasn't involved in the talking points process. as i understand it, as i've been told, it was a typical interagency process where staff, including from the state department all participated to try to come up with whatever was going to be made publicly available. >> that of course was secretary of state clinton today on capitol hill saying she had no role in susan rice's false talking points on the benghazi consulate attack. but will we ever find out why ambassador rice denied the terrorist attack and misled the public saying this on "meet the press." >> what happened in benghazi was in fact initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired hours before in cairo. >> and will we ever get a full answer on exactly what happen
who think that president obama worries about the democratic party, 10, 15, 20 years down the road. you'll find a lot of democrats that say if you can turn the obama coalition into a democratic coalition, the democrats will have built in on the national stage what ronald reagan had for 20 years and republican party had after ronald reagan on the republican stage. if he can transfer it over, it spells trouble for the republicans. >> congresswoman, what do you think about what john king is saying? >> i'm not privy to the president's processes and how he came up with the decision. all i can tell you is women have been dying and fighting for this nation in combat roles in iraq and afghanistan. they may not have had those jobs specifically other than aviation, my branch of service, they've been fighting in combat and engaged in combat action. i think the last ten years of women serving in combat has finally pushed us to this point where the pentagon has finally realized women have served ably and it's time we open up these folds. >> do you think the president is trying to box republicans int
obama is out to annihilate the republican party. do you agree? that's our talk back question today. [ wind howls ] [ dog barks ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] something powerful is coming. ♪ see it on february 3rd. ♪ see it on february 3rd. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure. >>> now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories for the day. do you agree with john bainer? will president obama try to annihilate the republican party? republican, remember that word because it might go the way of the dinosaurs. annihilated not by a giant meteor but by president obama. that's if you believe republican house speaker john boehner. >> so we're expecting here over the next 22 months to be the focus of thi
on the republican party looming in president obama pfsz second term? take a listen to what speak eer john boehner said before a republican think tank thursday. >> we're expecting here over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration, as they attempt to annihilate the republican party. and let me just tell you, i do believe that is their goal, to just shove us into the dust bin of history. >> to shove us into the dust bin of history. joining me now is freshman congressman, a democrat from calf camp. he narrowly beat out a republican to become the third american-indian congressman in history. we have all heard this broad plan and the goals of the president, wanting to pass immigration reform, also now freshly wanting to tackle gun violence in this country and get a handle on the national debt that seems to be an ongoing problem, but what do you think when you hear as a freshman congressman that the speaker of the house thinks president obama has a master plan to aannihilat the republican party? >> first, it'sigate to be on. the president laid out an ambitious agenda that is in line wi
. the party for president obama's staff. it happened last night. gaga herself steering the spaceship piano. ♪ later on, she posed with the other headliner for the evening, tony bennett, who tweeted out, "i'm on a date with my lady tonight," lady gaga. >>> and next, we have two remarkable encounters between humans and animals, starting with a gesture of kindness. divers off the coast of the big island in hawaii, and you can see their lights there in the distance. well, they heard a squeal and then this appeared. a bottlenose dolphin, wrapped in fishing wire, struggling to swim because the wire was so tight. the dolphin nuzzles the diver as if to say, can you help? and he did. for eight minutes, hands shaking, he said, he cut the wire and freed the dolphin, who swam for air, briefly circling one last time in a kind of thank you, before vanishing into the ocean. >>> and, we have proof that we are not the only ones addicted to gadgets. watch this. the orangutans at the national zoo in washington, loving their ipads, skroming, draw iscrollin painting. they watch fish in a virtual koi pond. th
of a speech for a progressive party agenda. >> then there was congressman paul brown who offered this choice analysis. "i think the only constitution that barack obama upholds is the soviet constitution, not this one." joining the panel now is the editor of the new republic, a man who has suffered for several hours on the amtrak train, frank lynn for. >> privatize that sucker. >> seriously. >> blood-sucking libertarian. >> that is saying something, my friend. >> exactly. >>. >> we keep asking whether the republican party will come up with a new idea? the biggest idea is that president obama is trying to uphold the soviet -- which was adopted in 1977 and says, among other things, in article one, the union of soviet socialestist republics is the socialist state of the whole people, expressing the will of intdz of the workers, pheasants, and nationalities of this country. >> if we're most worried about getting sent to the goulage, check themselves in reality. i think there is something to their point which is that obama is not trying tore anile ate the republican party, but he is trying to brea
to their point which is that obama is not trying tore anile ate the republican party, but he is trying to break a fever. i mean, he is sick of dealing with guys that are obstruct and who he is unable to do business with, and he is trying to create a different set of circumstances where they come out of this next election with a different understanding of this political incentives? >> aren't they doing a fairly effective job of putting themselves in the dust bin of history when they have policies on everything from gay rights to voter id laws and those not in mathemati mathematics? >> is there a sense inside the republican party, in -- among leadership? you have to wonder that something measurable needs to change. i actually want to bring up this thomas edsal "new york times" piece which i thought was one of the best analyses i have read about whether republicans can change. he writes, "the problems that faces business leaders pressing for reform is not just the reluctance of a political party to change. instead, it is the fact that much of the republican electorate, as presently constructed is
that president obama's focus is to annihilate the republican party. is that the collective viewpoint here in the republicans in the senate or not? >> greta, i've seen a number of presidents in their second terms, i've seen president reagan and president clinton in their second term and president bush, jr. in his second term and there's always an outreach starting with the inauguration. look, we've got to work together. obviously, it was a very confrontational speech that the president gave that i think would have been more appropriate if he feels that way at the state of union as opposed to an inaugural speech. i think you can lend credence to the belief that the president of the united states want to regain a majority in the house of representatives and in order to achieve that he has to split the republican party, particularly in the house and so i regret that i didn't hear one word from the president about it's time we all sat down and worked together and addressed these issues that are confronting the nation, but it is what it is. that means that we're in for a pretty rough couple of
to the republican think-tank on tuesday about the inauguration. he said obama wants to annihilate the republican party and boehner joked about having to calm down legendary college football coach lou holtz. >> about 9:30 i get this text, the country is overwith. we're not doing this again. i already had this conversation with lou about nine or ten days after the election. he came in to speak to our 34 new members. and before he went over to talk to them, he came to my office. he is moaning and groaning. i said, lou, would you stop? we're americans. we'll figure this out. and i just spent 15 minutes giving lou holtz a pep talk. >> and that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." >>> and now for a look at the national weather, here is bill karins with the forecast. it's cold, right? >> lou holtz isn't happy all that's come out either. here's what we're dealing with out there this morning. snow has made its presence in the washington, d.c. area. we haven't had a lot over this winter period, especially think morning from washington, d.c., southward driving through virginia to fredericksburg, al
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the gop, the guns over the people party, keep saying crazy things about president obama's modest gun safety proposals? the president's trying to do the reasonable thing yet the people on the nra right are going nuts over this. they're armying up for the final struggle against the government, the elected government. this is "hardball," the place for politics. >>> well, the right wing hawks are on thin ice after this >>> well, the right wing hawks are on thin ice after this tuesday's election in israel. benjamin netanyahu's party was expected to win big. but the big surprise was the rise of the new center. the center left party which means there is a future. right now will control 60 seats. and his rivals on the center left and left will have 60 as well. and that could force netanyahu to make peace overtures or possibly lose his job. we'll be right back. >>> for now decisions are upon us and we cannot afford delay. we cannot mistake absolutism for principle or substitute spectacle for politics or treat name calling as reasoned debate. >> welcome back to "hardball." those lines in the p
party, and a strong supporter of president barack obama. she worked tirelessly to reelect the president, and was a fierce advocate for our core democratic principles. she is committed to ensuring women represented in our party, and the leadership of our country. and the democratic party is stronger because of her efforts. she is not only a role model for our sisters, our daughters and granddaughters, but she is my personal hero on many, many levels. for all these reasons i proudly nominating congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz to continue serving as the chair of the democratic national committee. [applause] >> i would also like you now to turn your attention to the screen, because there's a short video. spent we did know hollywood could get so quickly here in washington, d.c. we have an excellent video. it's now on the list for best picture. [laughter] but i would hope if you just give us a few minutes of your time to see this wonderful and remarkable video, that we have made in honor of a phenomenal woman, our chairwoman, debbie wasserman schultz. dim the lights and grab a hanky whi
president obama's inauguration house speaker john boehner gave a speech at a private g-o-p luncheon and had a warning for fellow republicans. >> attempt to annihilate the republican party. boehner went on to say he believed the obama administration's goal is to regain control of the house during mid-term elections. the speech was given at a private luncheon sponsored by the ripon society and was closed to reporters. boehner said president obama's inaugural address made it clear his visions for a second term can't be achieved. as long as the house is controlled by republicans. one day after president obama's inauguration house speaker john boehner gave a speech at a private g-o-p luncheon and had a warning for fellow republicans. boehner went on to say he believed the obama administration's goal is to regain control of the house during mid-term elections. the speech was given at a private luncheon sponsored by the ripon society and was closed to reporters. boehner said president obama's inaugural address made it clear his visions for a second term can't be achieved. as long as the house is
. the change was officially announced today. does president obama really want to annihilate the republican party in "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: disgusting. >> dana: you're disgusting. >> greg: that is a sick song. >> dana: can i do my segment? we're going to talk about you. soda ban about to go in effect in new york city but has new opposition that used to be for it. they were for it before they were against it. we'll tell you about that in a second. start with this. a new study done by daniel callahan, a senior research fellow at the hastings center. he put out a paper this week. see how skinny he is. he thinks it's maybe time to start shaming people who are overweight, obese, fat. that is the only way to get people to take care of themselves and prevent diss caused by obesity. now greg, do you have any experience you want to share? >> greg: all bioethicists are jerks. they usually talk about euthanasia. this guy is talking about bullying fat people. if you replaced obesity with p
obama wants to annihilate the republican party. >> let me just tell you. i do believe that is their goal, to just shove us into the dustbin of it had. -- history hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. but what you taste new honey bunches of oats greek yohere we go.ole grain. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek. martha: brand new numbers on the jobs situation in this country just coming out from the labor department this morning. the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits falling by 5000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 330,000. that is the lowest level in five years. so that could be some evidence that employers are cutting fewer jobs and are ramping up hiring a little bit but in recent months hiring has been
saying president obama wants to an annihilate the republican party. all of that in the next half hour. i want to ask you right now what did you think of the inaugural ceremony. haven't seen you since and the president's inaugural address? >> some quick takeaways better address than in -- in 2013 than in 2009 because -- this is where the shortness helps because you can get a point. he wanted -- he laid out his broad ideals of what he believes in. and actually that's fine. first time around, it was too much of a list. i want to do this, that. you don't need it, you got the state of the union february 12th. it was -- it was very -- as a lot of people agreed with analysis i have and many others, it was, i think finally a tribute to the people who brought him to the dance because he talked about the very progressive and liberal ideals that he wants to be engaged in his second term. that's a quick take away. it also -- in a sense that speech was a tribute to the people who helped re-elect him. so often president barack obama's career, he realized he had locked in his support they had nowhere t
society, a group of modern republicans. he describes an awfully sinister motive to president obama these days considering the fact that the republican party hasn't needed much help in its recent collapse. boehner is not alone. mouse ja mort whip kevin mccarthy sees the same plot by the democrats. >> this person's main goal is to continue to try to break the republican party. he's out of touch with where america is at with what he's trying to do. >> come on, kevin. all of a sudden the democrats are sitting back in the back room conniving how to take the republicans apart. considering the republicans made it their mission to stop obama at all costs it's fairly rich they accuse obama of using the same tactics against him. feehery, you're already laughing, because the idea that the republican think there's a big cabal of democrats that sit around and meet and they're saying why don't we get the republicans to stay stupid things about black america, against latinos, come out against immigration reform and screw up any chance of being a majority party again and it's all the democrats. ho
is in the process of a-123. and headed by a billionaire with close ties to the chinese party. and president obama just spoke about keeping advanced technology in the united states and now lawmakers are hoping he's true to his word. the tennessee congresswoman, republican marsha blackburn said, i'm quoting here, if the president is truly serious about his pledge to the american people then he has no option, but to block the sale of 123. this is not a partisan issue, but a clear-cut issue of national security that's closely watched by the defense community. now, to ease concerns, they say they'll only buy the civilian arm of a-123, not the government wing, but critics point out the technology is the same in both. the committee on foreign investment could block this deal, megyn. but historically that committee is very, very reluctant to do that. >> megyn: wow, all right, trace, thank you. >> reporter: yep. >> megyn: well, an outburst from the secretary of state yesterday in these hearings reigniting an old debate over the terror attack in libya. why does it matter she asks who killed the four in th
speaker john boehner with a grim warning about what he expects about president obama. >> we are there over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to annihilate the republican party. >>age nile late the republican party. giving the speechl the day after the inauguration at a washington court. >> two guys filed suit against the restaurant chain. this picture went viral last week showing the chain's famous foot long sandwich which came up short of the 12 inches actually. i think more like 11. the chain issued a statement saying we have redoubled our efforts to ensure consistency and correct length in every sandwich we serve. >>> a serious story and a real scare at a high school. a swat team storms into class am radios. these men, police officers a part of a drill in kingston, massachusetts. now no surprise here. parents and students are up in arms because they didn't know the drill was coming. he defended the drill saying he wanted it to be as realistic as possible. >> image that was terrifying. >> never before seen pictures of the kennedy family just found.
that what president obama said during the campaign is he wants to break the republican fever. that doesn't necessarily mean annihilating the republican party as a party. it means making the republican party pretty much a miniature version of the democratic party. that's what the president wants. that's what really all transformative presidents want to do. the president is -- >> they want everyone to agree with them. why not? they want to be loved, man. >> seriously, speaker boehner, what's the big deal. a big duh. if you're a republican president or democratic president, you don't want divided government. you want a house and a senate that's in your hands. karl rove, he talked about a permanent republican majority. he was trying to set up a system where the country at least 50% would vote for a republican president, republican house, republican senate. didn't last long. so that's what you try to do. republicans love talking about ronald reagan. why? the reagan revolution. to this day they talk about him. why? from 1980 all of the way through 2000 it's been all about reagan. this is what
met him but i just shook his hand. kelly clarkson just partied at the white house, michelle obama seriously school first lady. however, i'm anti-bangs? [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: they don't work on her. i don't like them. i have bangs. >> i thought she looked very -- it was very youthful and bouncy. >> stephanie: my friends fall in two distinct camps of pro bangs and anti-bangs. and a couple of people have said i agree, i don't like them. >> i think she looked great both ways. >> stephanie: yeah, she is gorgeous. producer and rapper will-i-am. who i met. somewhere in there is a really drunken video of me and melissa fitzgerald and jacki schechner singing and dancing to that song. ♪ tonight's going to be a good night ♪ >> stephanie: he tweeted i took my mom into the white house and every step i took i wanted to cry. i'm so proud of our president. >> i don't want to take away from the white house and the inauguration, but i'm very excited. i finally got my chinese baby. >> and an hour later you are hungry for another one. [♪ circus music ♪] >>
reportedly to celebrate mr. obama's re-election but one new hampshire democratic heavyweight who was at biden's party wasn't fooled. >> i don't think there's any question that he'll be a contender. i think biden has really come into his own on a national level in the last six months. >> biden knows if outgoing secretary of state clinton runs she will be as she was in 2008 the early front-runner. this reamount surfaced a bit during the benghazi testimony on capitol hill. >> i for one hope after a bit of rest you'll return to public service and should you return to florida, we'll look forward to welcoming you there. >> both are ritualistically evasive. clinton does reject the "r" word. >> retirement? >> i don't know if that's the word i would use but certainly stepping off the fast track for a while. >> is there any reason you wouldn't run? >> there's a whole lot of reasons i wouldn't have run. i don't have to make that decision and don't have to make it for a while. >> reporter: governor's andrew cuomo of new york and the mayor of maryland. neither can compete with biden or clinton. >> biden a
higher than her approval rating. she has helped that thanks to being president obama's secretary of state. >> right, and we know that first lady and secretary of state are typically two that have the highest ratings, in administrations of both parties. you're seeing today, the wrong day for me to make the prediction, although today the secretary of state was pulled into that. you know, it is early and we're going to have as good odds dealing with this, this far out, as predicting as how sasha and malia would do as candidates. it is very early. these are two people who bottom lined and really wanted to be president for a long time. >> but joe biden was not even in this conversation recently, people were not listing him as a possible just on the basis of age alone. and that is why he is being so overt, he needs to be on this list. >> and wait a second, what if the vice president wanted to run. oh, yeah? okay, joe, and his people have also really put the idea out there if he wanted to run he could run. he is very beloved. here is what is most important in what you said. and that is how it wo
thought the rest of the u.s. >> the republican party who is elected to control the congress the same time as obama was elected are going to cross their arms and they are not going to raise the debt ceiling ultimately unless they get severe spending cuts and the obama administration is not going to give it to them. and you are going to watch the u.s. do crazy, crazy things this year. >> if you are right on those crazy, crazy things, then the rest of us are in for a dreadful, dread full time? >> dreadful. it is going to be so strange for the richest country on earth to cross their arms and say i'm not paying. imagine crossing your arms. you are going to see it this year. >> reporter: now, we have been asking our guests here for the riskometer. on this side we have is the u.s. a bigger threat to global growth in 2013. on this side the e.u. lutnic thinks the u.s. is by far the bigger. as you look overall most people still seem to believe europe is the biggest threat in 2013. by the way, speet tweet me wher think the biggest threat is. >> very official looking. did you make that yourself? >> d
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 61 (some duplicates have been removed)